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Where makers from tikagraphics go to discuss what the need to be discussed. If you are just a member..please do not bother trying to join. This is where you can come to see their examples and information.♥
The Makers


Full-Time makers are the ones who you can request whenever you want. No restrictions other than if you see they have a lot of people requesting from them, either wait or request from someone else.

tika-♥-Bre-Anne's Examples

myhappyending-♥-Kirsty's Examples

dancerqt0284-♥-Jennifer's Examples

prettyinpinklo-♥-Kayla's Examples

lilpolochicka89-♥-Melissa's Examples

fxckglamour-♥-Jessica Examples

diminished-♥-Eddie's Examples

boliricanqueen-♥-Nina's Examples

southernsun-♥-Lelly's Examples

Part-Time Makers.

These makers will post when they are taking request. Which means their spots are more limited. THEY DO NOT TAKE REQUESTS UNTIL THEY ANNOUNCE IT.

la_reinita-♥-Bobbi Lynn's Info

julione-♥-Kristal's Examples

godslilgift-♥-Casey's Examples

hana_banana-♥-Jessica's Examples

chosen-♥-Allie's Examples

Makers on Hiatus

These makers are not taking requests at the moment or offering is very limited.

xdreamsofdramax-♥-Jennie's Examples

innocent_stars-♥-Neatha's Examples